Criminal Defense

Nathaniel has a reputation for diligently defending his clients against a wide range of criminal charges and the collateral consequences of criminal convictions. A criminal charge in Iowa can have serious consequences. You may be held in jail pending resolution of the case. You may eventually be sentenced to prison.  The consequences can remain long after a sentence has been served and can include trouble obtaining employment and housing. You may lose your driver’s license and be ordered to pay an inordinate amount in fines and court costs. The wrong results can leave you permanently entangled with the criminal justice system.

Do not put your liberty in the hands of just anyone. Those being questioned, accused, or charged in connection with a criminal offense turn to Nathaniel and his office for representation during any stage of the criminal investigation or prosecution.

Nathaniel’s trial experience has helped him understand how judges and juries will perceive trial evidence, which helps to secure better settlement offers and negotiate favorable outcomes. Because of his vigorous representation of his clients, many cases are resolved in the pretrial phase of the prosecution through pretrial motions and plea negotiations.

If a case must proceed to trial, Nathaniel has had success in both trials to the court and to juries. He prides himself as a trial attorney, only accepting plea offers when it is in the best interest of his client.  From the time of the initial arrest and complaint, every case is prepared for with the expectation that it will proceed to trial.

Nathaniel has developed his unique approach and creative trial strategies made possible by his diverse experience in the courtroom. His trial experience, combined with his commitment to superb advocacy, translates into victories for his clients. No criminal matter is considered too petty to zealously defend against. Nathaniel is ready and capable to mount a defense of your liberty at an economic and reasonable cost.

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